Evidence from three major studies suggests the rate of binge drinking in South Africa is between 9% and 16% of all persons over the age of 15 years.  Binge drinking involves rapid consumption of alcohol over a short period.


Data points to two distinct profiles for binge drinkers in South Africa:

  • Young men and women relatively well educated and in a higher income bracket. Peer pressure and a desire for social acceptance appear to play a role, along with risk-taking, underlying anxiety and/or depression, and a history of adolescent drinking and/or excessive use of alcohol by their parents.
  • Slightly older men, concentrated in Gauteng and of mixed socioeconomic status. A desire to escape from life pressures, a friendship group that that gathers in venues selling alcohol (often because they lack other places to meet), and a history of adolescent drinking are characteristic of this group.


Who we aim to reach


Primary population: Men and women aged 25 – 34 years nationwide; university students; and men in Gauteng aged 35 – 44.


What we offer


For the younger group:
A digital tool to increase self-awareness of alcohol consumption and the related financial, health and other trade-offs. This is backed by social media and digital campaigns.

For the older male group:
An on-the-ground pilot project in Thembisa, Gauteng that combines awareness-raising, education, an element of recreation, counselling and rehabilitation services.


Our partners


Family and Marriage Society of SA (FAMSA).

SA National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (SANCA).

The Decision Lab.

Father a Nation.

Student Village.