Day by day and through
targeted on-the-ground initiatives
aware.org is determined
to reduce the harmful effects
of alcohol abuse.

The Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education (aware.org) is the alcohol industry’s response to concerns regarding alcohol misuse and abuse.

Alcohol consumption is a normal part of social gatherings in our culture and is meant to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, as with many things meant for enjoyment, some people overdo it. Binge drinking often results in problems – some of which can be quite critical in nature. The industry has embraced this responsibility by teaming up with aware.org to educate and improve drinking behavior within communities. This is achieved through targeted interventions, which aim to curb and prevent the harm caused by alcohol abuse.

Peter Ndoro, MC<br />at November 3017<br />launch event

Peter Ndoro, MC at aware.org 2017 launch event

TO EDUCATE AND enable a culture of moderation AND responsible ALCOHOL consumption

Ingrid Louw, CEO aware.org


In addition to leading manufacturers such as SA Breweries, Heineken and Distell to name a few, several distributors and some retail chains such as Tops at Spar, Massmart and Diamond Liquors have also joined aware.org as associate members. On the ground, aware.org has partnerships with various strategic stakeholders, in multiple provinces, who have the expertise to fight alcohol abuse in their specific regions.

Our initiatives target vulnerable youth and adults (of all races) who are at risk of suffering the negative consequences of alcohol abuse and misuse through targeted on-the-ground initiatives which are aimed at reducing the harmful effects alcohol abuse has on our communities.

We’ve renewed our fight against Alcohol Abuse. We have a new and better strategy and a fresh new corporate image. To find out more, watch our relaunch video here!