At we pride ourselves on our willingness to reach the man/woman on the ground. Our programmes are mostly targeted at communities which often have no voice or vocal representatives. With our tailor made programmes, we strive to make a sustainable difference in these regions, and engage closely with affected communities.
Our main areas of focus are Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Under Age Drinking, Drinking Driving and Walking.



VinPro Foundation runs a project on wine farm communities in the Western Cape. The project aims to reduce alcohol and substance abuse; to implement foetal awareness programme and address socio-economic problems that result from alcohol/substance abuse. Through the programme the farm workers receive individual/group counselling from qualified social workers. The social workers assist farm workers to address problems identified during the counselling. Children and toddlers attending aftercare and day care are monitored to ensure that problems such as child abuse, particularly sexual violence are identified and addressed.

FASD Research Awareness and Prevention project in Prince Albert (2016-2019)

FASD Prevalence study is being conducted to determine the prevalence rate in the Prince Albert Municipality, Western Cape. The programme also creates awareness regarding substance abuse, including alcohol abuse. Through awareness and training the programme hopes to empower and support the community members to make better informed decisions and to know where to get help when needed. It also capacitates the community and local service providers (professionals and NGO/CBO’s) to include FARR’s awareness and prevention models into their daily service delivery to decrease the FASD prevalence rate. The target group for this programme are community members, families, women of childbearing age and their partners, children and people with FASD in Prince Albert, Leeu Gamka and Klaarstroom.

FASD Adult Study will fund FARR to conduct research on health and psycho-social effects of FASD in adolescence and adulthood through recruitment of diagnosed adults for a follow up study. The medical examination on participants will be used to assess FASD dysmorphology and to develop an appropriate tool to be used in future studies. The research will be conducted to create the FASD prevalence rate for each school, town and district. It’s also aimed at creating universal awareness programmes which facilitate FASD knowledge and prevention. The study will be conducted in Dee Aar, Northern Cape with children diagnosed with full blown FAS.

FASD Computer Game

There is currently no remedial programme available to the vast majority of children with FASD. Coupled with poor early childhood development, the defects these children present with when attending school for the first time make learning difficult. will fund the FASD computer game to be used for cognitive training at an early stage to give these children the opportunity to develop their full potential. These programmes are available on tablets, they are easy to distribute and scale. Therefore, children can learn and develop at their own pace, using the tablet. The project will be implemented with children diagnosed with FASD in Vredenburg/Saldanah/Prince Albert.


Community Formalisation

The community formalisation is centred around the introduction of well-kept outlets, generally safe and conducive public spaces where the community feels protected. As a result of the discussions between the ABInbev and Western Cape Government (WCG), will implement the community formalisation in Western Cape and Gauteng Province. Through this project the aims to create a responsible and conducive trading environment within and around legal taverns, infrastructural upgrades for well-maintained and managed taverns both inside and around them. To create a safe zone in the selected areas or taverns with the installation of CCTV cameras and rent cop patrols or safety fellows to walk the tavern regulars home. will implement the community formalisation in Khayelitsha (Sector 4/Site C) as advised by WCG and Mohlakeng in Gauteng.

Life Orientation (LO) School Curriculum will partner with Teenactiv to distribute the LO content to Grade 10-12 in selected high schools in Khayelitsha (WC) and Mohlakeng (GP). The project is aimed at educating the learners in understanding the dangers of risky behaviour, coping with challenging situations and the importance of making wise lifestyle choices. In partnership with Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) a component on road safety will be added in the curriculum.

Genz Runner (Mobile Game)

In partnership with YDX (Youth Dynamics), will roll out the Genz Runner Game developed for children between 10-16 years, primary school learners both in Khayelitsha (WC) and Mohlakeng (GP). The app is downloaded on Google Play Store (Android Phones). The game educates the learners to understand the dangers of risky behaviour, cope with challenging situations and the importance of making wise lifestyle choices. Through this project hopes that the game will assist in tackling underage drinking through education and positive messaging.

Community Engagement will collaborate with HDI Youth Marketeers and will use a 360 communication/community engagement plan that will speak to a wider community of Khayelitsha (WC) and Mohlakeng (GP). For instance, parents, leaners, teachers, tavern owners and community stakeholders. The community engagements will be aimed at reduction of alcohol abuse and change of behaviour. The primary focus will be on the reduction of alcohol consumption in youth and creating awareness about the realities of alcohol use, but also encourage the community to help the youth to dream and look forward to a productive future. This will be done through activities such as taxi rank activation, community workshop, ambassador school talks, teen camps, tavern visits, mall/shopping centre exhibitions.

Project Isizwe

As part of the 360 programme approach in Khayelitsha will partner with Project Isizwe to roll out multiple internet hotspots across the township. The Wi-fi roll out in Khayelitsha will include added services which include the zero-rated content portal, news network providing jobs, and the micro jobbing ambassador programme. The proposed 3 hotpots in Khayelitsha (sector 4) can service up to 500 concurrent users at average speeds up to 15Mbps. This will provide internet support to all projects being implemented in the area. While also assisting the community by providing access to news/job portal to try and address unemployment which is found to be one of the underlying cause to alcohol abuse.

Drinking Driving/Walking

Road Safety and Law Enforcement

In partnership with RTMC, will implement a road safety and law enforcement initiative focusing on traffic officers as the direct project beneficiaries. The project will include anti-corruption workshops targeted at traffic officials, drunk drivers arrest competition as incentive to traffic officers with the most arrest. The traffic officer intervention will be implemented in KwaZulu Natal and will be accompanied by national public campaigns. A communication strategy will be developed and rolled out to ensure the success of the project.

Road Offences Panel Programme

In order to compliment the law enforcement and anti-corruption traffic officers project, will partner with NICRO on Road Offences Panel Programme (ROPP). With the implementation of ROPP programme hopes to have a positive influence on the reduction of drunk drivers and keeping South Africans safe on the road. The programme is designed to improve awareness of the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence, as well as reckless and negligent driving. The project supported will be implemented in 7 provinces; Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal.