Drivers’ attitudes are critical determinants of their behaviour on the road. Impulsivity, risk-taking, over-estimation of ability, and low risk-perception all play a part. So do drivers’ calculations that they will get away with breaking road-use laws – including those on drinking and driving. Challenges in enforcing the law reinforce this perception.

Who we aim to reach


Drivers who consume alcohol in Gauteng, provinces with the highest
number of road fatalities where is piloting its intervention.
Drivers who have committed drunk driving offences nationwide.


What we offer


Support to the RTMC and JMPD to increase alcohol testing at roadblocks by:

Donating to the authorities mobile alcohol evidence centres with the latest technology in order to reduce delays in providing evidence for use in court.

Partnering on any operational areas where we can assist in increasing enforcement.

Partnership with the National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders (NICRO) to:
• Increase the number of drivers participating in its educational programme on preventing road incidents.
• Increasing the number of traffic offenders referred by the courts to NICRO for its rehabilitation programme.’s interventions are supplemented by public awareness campaigns to reduce drinking and driving
conducted by our members and associations.


Our partners


JMPD. member companies and associations invested in
public awareness activities on drinking and driving