Evidence shows that pedestrians are most vulnerable to fatal road collisions in the evening and over weekends. After drinking, pedestrians are likely to overestimate their ability to perform actions such as crossing a busy road. Low visibility of pedestrians in the dark adds to their vulnerability and alcohol consumption by drivers increases the risk of pedestrians dying in event of a collision.

Who we aim to reach


Primary population:
Male pedestrians aged 25 – 35 in hazardous locations for pedestrians in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Secondary population:
Drivers aged 25 – 35 in these same locations.


What we offer


More than 100 community patrollers who escort at-risk patrons of taverns and other liquor outlets home at night in eight collision hot spots. (September 2022 to July 2023.)

Multimedia and on-the-ground pedestrian safety campaign. This uses pedestrian visibility as an entry point for a comprehensive educational intervention with strong street appeal. It is being conducted as a pilot project in the hot spots and will launch nationally later in 2023.


Our Partners


Community policing forums covering pedestrian crash hot spots.