AWARE is registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) with the Department of Social Development and is focused on the prevention of the negative consequences of alcohol abuse.

Partnerships & Associations

Many of the projects and interventions of AWARE are in partnership with other stakeholders and community organisations who share similar objectives to AWARE and together their collective efforts provide a greater impact for change in communities and societies. This includes a number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and local and national government departments.

Instead of blunt, population-based policy approaches to alcohol beverage regulation, what have also proven effective in actually combating the problems associated with alcohol abuse are targeted interventions.

 These combined targeted interventions are an important way in which governments, public health organizations, and the alcohol beverage industry can partner together in fighting alcohol abuse and misuse.

AWARE is proud of its achievements to date, working in partnership with these various stakeholders to address the problems of alcohol abuse and misuse and will continue work towards ensuring that the message of responsible alcohol use is conveyed to every community in our society.