Along with our partners, members and associate members aims to develop a national culture of responsible alcohol usage.

The National Liquor Authority (NLA) often refers applicants to to obtain membership and fulfil the applicant’s obligation of contributing to the combating of alcohol abuse.

Our members include leading manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, many distributors and also retail chains.

For a culture of responsible drinking and alcohol awareness education to be promoted, it is imperative that alcohol manufacturers and distributors get actively involved in initiatives geared towards alcohol abuse reduction, and actively participate in intervention processes.


  • For liquor manufacturers, redistributors and traders, one of the prerequisites of securing a valid liquor trading license is that they sign up with a harm-reduction establishment such as
  • Social Responsibility policies stipulate that alcohol traders and manufactures play a significant role to ensure responsible drinking. A partnership with fulfils this mandate.
  • Our partners’ financial contributions are used to fund programmes and projects that contribute to combating the misuse and abuse of alcohol

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