Our programme to eradicate alcohol consumption by young people under the age of 18 is informed by a complex set of factors that drive under-age drinking. At the heart of this is unsupervised free time and peer pressure. Additional factors are easy access to alcohol, a lack of positive parental influences, portrayals of alcohol use as a fun, cool activity, and the influence of slightly older youth.


Who we aim to reach


Primary population:

Girls and boys aged 9 – 17 years in selected urban and peri-urban areas across the country.

Secondary groups:
Retailers, parents, unemployed over-18s, and members of the selected communities.

What we offer


A schools-based programme to educate learners in Gauteng and encourage them to remain alcohol-free
until age 18. The intervention, Smashed, is delivered through live theatre or an interactive online platform
depending on the school’s facilities. Workshops for students, resources for teachers, and a parents’ guide
round out the tools provided. This programme, developed by Collingwood Learning supported by Diageo, has
achieved great success globally and has shown impact locally.


Community-based programmes of supervised recreational opportunities that builds skills and empowerment.
It operates after school and during school holidays, offering sports and other activities (relevant to that
community). The programme includes a strong life-skills component that provides education on alcohol but
places greater emphasis on building the confidence and decision-making skills of young participants.


Interventions that also address the social environment of young people are generally more successful.

Our programme features:
• Educational interventions for parents and the broader community, aimed at leveraging
their positive influence.
• Partnerships with our members and government to strengthen enforcement of laws
prohibiting the sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.


Initiation date: January 2023



Our partners

Selected public and private schools
Grounded Media, Altus Sport
Grassroots Hope of South Africa
Collingwood Learning (SMASHED Project)
United through Sport, School of Hard Knocks Children of the Dawn
AWARE.org member companies invested in similar youth activities..